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Updated: 28.08.2014
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Shapist is a sliding block puzzle where you can do much more than just slide.

We made Shapist to show how a classical game concept can be embraced by physics, experimentation and new mechanics. It is designed as a timeless, beautiful object without barriers between a player and the game. There are no words. No punishment. No tutorials. No time limits and no scores... Just you & over 50 puzzles to solve.

After a soft launch for iPad in February, and a very warm reception we decided to re-release Shapist making it the game it deserves to be - universal for major mobile platforms but also better, with more levels, mechanics, with improved difficulty and design. Shapist is now approaching iPhones, Androids, tablets and windows based mobile devices.
Short description:
Shapist is a logical puzzle suitable for all ages, it teaches players to discover and learn new ways to interact with the game world, to think creatively.

Very Short description:
A new take on a sliding block puzzle where you can do much more than just slide.

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Shapist is a game by
Ori Takemura

Dmitry Kurilchenko

A Music
by Jorge Vinals